White Primed MDF-Ovolo Architrave-68x18x2200


White Primed MDF Ovolo Architrave – a perfect blend of elegance and functionality for your interior design needs. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this architrave is a stunning addition to our collection at TimberStaircases.com. Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your space with this exquisite architectural element that seamlessly combines classic design and modern versatility.

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Dimensions 2200 × 18 × 68 mm

White Primed MDF


White Primed MDF-Ovolo Architrave 68 x 18 x 2200

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Constructed from high-quality Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), our White Primed Ovolo Architrave is not only visually appealing but also durable, ensuring long-lasting beauty for your home or commercial space. The pristine white finish adds a touch of sophistication, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a clean and timeless look in their interiors.

The ovolo profile of this architrave brings a touch of tradition and warmth to any room. The gentle curve of the molding creates a subtle visual interest, while the 68mm width and 18mm thickness provide a balanced and proportionate frame for your doors and windows. The architrave is designed with a length of 2200mm, offering flexibility in installation and making it suitable for various door and window sizes.

One of the key features of our White Primed MDF Ovolo Architrave is its ease of customisation

The primed surface provides a smooth and paint-ready finish, allowing you to match it seamlessly with your existing decor or create a personalized color scheme. Whether you prefer a classic white or want to explore bold color options, this architrave serves as a versatile canvas for your creative vision.

White Primed MDF-Ovolo Architrave-68x18x2200 installation is super easy with this architrave, thanks to its lightweight yet sturdy MDF construction. The pre-primed surface not only simplifies the painting process but also enhances the overall durability of the architrave. Create a cohesive and polished look in your space with minimal effort, transforming your interiors into a haven of style and sophistication.

Choose TimberStaircases.com for quality craftsmanship, timeless design, and reliable products. Our White Primed MDF Ovolo Architrave is a testament to our commitment to excellence in both form and function. Elevate your interior spaces with this architectural masterpiece that stands as a testament to quality and style. Order now and experience the perfect fusion of tradition and modernity in your home or commercial setting.

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