Right Hung-Single Door-Chamfered Architrave

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Title: Elevate Your Space with the Right-Hung Single Door and Chamfered Architrave

Meticulously designed and expertly crafted, this door is a testament to the artistry that defines our products at Timber Staircases. Each door is made from high-quality timber, ensuring durability and longevity, while the chamfered architrave adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

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Right Hung Single Door Chamfered Architrave

Searching for a Right Hung Single Door Chamfered Architrave?

Tailored for Loft and Eaves Spaces

Maximise the functionality of your loft or eaves with our specially designed Right-Hung Single Door. Engineered to seamlessly integrate into spaces with limited headroom, this door provides easy access while optimizing the use of available space. Whether you’re transforming your loft into a cozy bedroom or creating a stylish storage area in the eaves, this door is the perfect solution for your unique spatial requirements.

Versatile Right-Hung Configuration

Thoughtfully designed to cater to diverse interior layouts. The right-hung configuration ensures smooth and convenient access, making it an ideal choice for rooms with specific traffic flow considerations. The versatility of this door extends to its adaptability in various design schemes, allowing you to effortlessly integrate it into traditional, contemporary, or eclectic interiors.

Chamfered Architrave – A Design Statement

Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your living spaces with the distinctive chamfered architrave that frames our Right-Hung Single Door. The beveled edges of the architrave create a visual accent, adding depth and character to the door. This attention to detail not only enhances the overall appearance of the door but also complements your interior design choices. Make a statement with a door that not only serves its functional purpose but also contributes to the overall elegance of your home.

Transform your space with the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics. More than just an entry point – it’s a design element that enhances the visual appeal of your home while ensuring seamless access to your loft or eaves. Invest in quality craftsmanship and elevate your living experience today.

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