Our Guarantee

25 Year Guarantee

25 Year Warranty covering the structural integrity of the staircase and its components

At Timberstaircases.com we are so confident in the design and manufacture of our product that we are happy to provide a 25 year guarantee on every new staircase we manufacture. This is because put simply a well-made and fitted staircase should last a life time and so we have no qualms about offering a 25 year guarantee on our products. Our expert craftsmanship and use of the latest cutting-edge machinery means that we are able to lead the industry and offer this unique warranty on our timber staircases.

The warranty excludes:

  • Damage caused by storms, fire or flood
  • Cracking which does not impair structural stability
  • Wear and tear, neglect or failure to do proper maintenance
  • Changes in colour or texture
  • Alteration to any part of the staircase which may affect performance
  • Damage caused when fitting
  • Any use beyond that intended
  • A staircase which has been previously advised to not comply with UK regulations
  • A flight that has been improperly stored, e.g. in damp conditions

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