Ravenwood Packaging C wrapper / labeller

Lot 477 Ravenwood Packaging C wrappeer / labeller Model: Nobak 400V Serial: 0492/2009 As well as C-wrapping regular-shaped packs the Nobac 400v is capable of labelling irregular packs such as whole birds. It has been designed to control both ends of the label in the feed system, improving positional accuracy of the label around the package. The feed system is independent of label length and conveyor speed, allowing longer labels to be run without loss of throughput: a great improvement over other solutions. With ever-increasing information (and therefore label length) this can help productivity. up to 75 packs per minute. See video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5kBDpsixDA For more information contact +44 (0) 7894515741

Ref: 1011


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